Psp go explore maps iso 9001

Psp go explore maps iso 9001

Jul 25,  · Go!Explore is a Miscellaneous game, developed by NavNGo and published by SCEE, which was released in Europe in We Have No FAQs/Guides/Maps - Be the first to submit one!Operating System: PSP. ISO Process Maps. w Supplied as fully-editable MS Word or Excel files; All the templates use styles – making reformatting and rebranding a breeze; Or, email [email protected] or call us on 08if you have any questions about our ISO Procedures and Templates and how they can help you. About Us. Browse our PSP / PlayStation Portable ROM and ISO Downloads. Fast Downloads & Working Games! ISO process vs. procedure – Some practical examples Mark Hammar | January 19, In a Quality Management System (QMS) there is a distinct difference between what is meant by a process and what is meant by a procedure, and confusing these two concepts can become a problem during your implementation of ISO Download the game GoExplore Europe ISO for PSP / PlayStation Portable. Free and instant download.

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Dismiss Notice. Click here to register. Hi, I'm looking for some assistance regarding the above. My organisation is just starting the transition to the new standard and I am required to map out some key processes.

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  • As a starting point I am looking for some process map examples and maybe a process map template in which I can edit to suit my needs. If anyone could assist me on this and provide me with this information it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, what are the best software packages to use to map out these processes? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Gary Robinson. Gary Robinson , Aug 23, Here's a sample:. Gurpej Singh , Markus , Mages and 2 others like this. Gary Tony has given you an example of what I would call a systems map - but I reckon that half the population would call it a process map!

    Same as a street map isn't a map of a street, but of a town You don't need to "map" processes, just describe them clearly - but if you do want to map them I would suggest using a deployment flowchart format, and use "RACI" to identify how roles are involved in each task.

    And be as concise as possible. My organization uses Visio to map out processes. We also use swim lanes in our process maps - it's like a RACI and flow chart all rolled into one.

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    People see who is accountable for what and when within the process. As a pkfraser indicated, you don't need to "map" out the processes, but it is my personal preference to use a map over a procedure.

    I find people learn about a process faster when there is a visual involved, plus my process maps show where our applicable metrics "touch" a process. This can come in handy if we fail to hit a target and want to focus on a particular activity.

    Work Instructions are also developed by us as supplements to the maps - providing the "how to" components for some of the more complicated processes.

    RoxaneB , Aug 24, Thank you all for the feedback. Do you have any examples of a departmental process? Gary Robinson , Aug 26, Attached File s : 1.

    ISO 9001 Blog

    Scan for viruses before using. Report any 'bad' files by reporting this post. Use at your own Risk. Ted82 , tony s and Atul Khandekar like this.

    While the standards ask for sequence and interaction of processes to be defined, nowhere have I seen the words "process" and "map" next to each other.

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    Therefore, despite their popularity and folklore, a map is not required. I have seen process sequence and interaction done in other ways: 1 Matrix, with the processes identified on both x and y axis, and the center grid used to identify the processes' interrelationships. An example is in Table 1 of Evans Capacitor quality manual. Jennifer Kirley , Aug 26, Chris Glover , Aug 30, RoxaneB , Aug 30, One example.

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    As the system we use for document control can't apply rev levels and rev dates to any document type other than Word and Excel we embed both Visio and Powerpoint docs in Word. Markus and RoxaneB like this.

    Psp go explore maps iso 9001

    Ah, I see! We attach our Visio document as a pdf within our electronic document control software. What matters is that the document and document control process work for your organization. Relative to the existing standard, we use the following process maps to describe the interaction of the main processes within the QMS.

    If anyone has any thoughts on improvements to these maps to incorporate the new clauses e. Context of the Organization, Support, Leadership, and so forth , I'm all ears. Process Interaction Map. Clif H , Sep 7, Atul Khandekar likes this. Clif, welcome and congrats on your first post here in QFO!

    ISO Process Maps

    Just an observation on your process interaction map Would it be fair to say that this is really more of a cycle? CI, etc. RoxaneB , Sep 8, Roxane, Thanks for the warm welcome! As for the process interaction map that I posted, it really is meant to be a cyclical process, although we wanted a simple an effective way to show how we aligned to the old revision clauses with our internal process es.

    Psp go explore maps iso 9001

    And yes, we still get auditors from time to time that want to see just how our documents line up to the standard clauses. So section 5 of our current QMS procedures, work instructions, and forms is all about management responsibility. A similar methodology, as an example, applies to section 6 for resources, training, and infrastructure.

    PSP / PlayStation Portable ISOs

    As I read through the new revision, it would appear that some things have been moved around e. MR is no longer part of the the leadership clause and now aligns to the "Performance Evaluation" section.

    This would be an easy update to our maps by simply relocating it to the Performance Evaluation used to be Measurement, Analysis and Improvement process.

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  • It would also appear, however, that there are new sections with more substance e. I could simply copy the PDCA structure from the standard, but it does get a bit messy were I to include in all of the sub-clauses like the original map posted. Shouldn't be too difficult. BTW - love the site.

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    Good to have a resource for all things quality again! Clif H , Sep 13, Clif, Similar to your approach, I worked with an organization that was certified to several recognized standards while conforming to our own internal documented requirements. We also developed a matrix to assist auditors - both internal and external - with "staying in scope", showing where they could find specific sections within our Business Management System BMS.

    Personally, I love this approach. Because even if the standards move things around, it's more about determining where they fit within our system instead of changing our system to meet the requirements. It also allows for effectiveness and efficiency and Let's take document control as an example. Having one common document control system and process means that we all speak the same language and we don't need to think about which doc control process to use depending on the applicable standard.

    It's so much nicer to see an organization that does things because they make sense and NOT because of a piece of paper on the wall. RoxaneB , Sep 13, Qualmx , Feb 7, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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    ISO 9001:2015 process vs. procedure – Some practical examples

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